FORWARD for an Emancipated, Communal Life and Existence!


From the very moment we are born, we are drawn into the relations of exploitation and domination of the capitalist system, which rises from the whole of alienated life and relations. At the same time, we participate in the reproduction of the system within these networks of relationships, from which we were drawn out of our control at the beginning. Behind these fog clouds, we feel that there is something that angers us and that these are not independent phenomena, but that there are holistic connections between them, that they are parts of a life and world that have been somehow misconfigured from the very beginning. As we see the exploited workers in the factories, the millions of children living on the streets of the earth, and the people begging on the streets, we realize that all these are not just accidental mistakes but are parts of the whole system built on exploitation, domination and discrimination. Our starting point is to reject the whole of alienated relationships, to be against the life that works against us, and to rebel against the existing one. We can only liberate ourselves by refusing and stepping out of the situation

In fact, none of the things that brought us to the point of rebellion have disappeared. Things that would turn our anger into revolt have turned the world and our lives into more nightmares. If so, where to start? We are dissatisfied with what we see and hear while we are working or following events about the state of the world on social media networks. Discontent is not actually a state of perceiving ourselves outside of the horror that takes place in the world. Discontent is the way in which the world of objectivity is misconstrued as permeation. We cannot begin by excluding the discontents we have in our own lives. Because the discontent and uneasiness we feel intersect with the wrong construction of the world we live in as a whole.

We cannot regard ourselves as pure, self-appointed and sublime subjects. Of course, we do not ignore what we are and objectivity, and we do not deny what exists. Yes, we are the working class, we are members of oppressed and colonized nations, we are men, women, queers, students and immigrants, unfortunately, we are also those who perceive living things, inanimate objects and nature as our own blessing with an instrumentalized viewpoint based on utility, and the way we relate to them is based on exploitation and domination. This is just what we are. So now, do we want to stay as we are? Of course not. On the one hand, we must defend our existence, which the system ignores and criminalizes, on the other hand, we must not be content with what we are and want more. Without criticizing, rejecting and trying to get out of where we are, we do not give ourselves the right to choose. At this point, we can only find a way to get out of the current situation by rejecting where we are, the places, the situations. Reduced categories, existences and existing objectivity cannot be substituted for truth. This not only prevents the potentials of preserving what is, what will happen in this context, but also distorts the truth by plaguing our lives with reductions and making our march towards it impossible. Therefore, while defending our identities that the system perceives as a threat, on the other hand, we must criticize, reject and go beyond ourselves.

It’s hard to believe that millions of people can remain unresponsive and reconciled to the exploitation, domination, oppression and discrimination that surrounds us, but we know that this is the reality of the “moment” and situation we are in. We prefer not to see the whole thing in order not to lose our job, our status, our current belongings. This is why we often fixate our perceptions, banishing cruelty and pain from our perceptions. We perceive and act as if all the horrors were actually experienced in distant places and times, and we dismiss all our attitudes towards system opposition in all this nihilation. Most of the time, we imprison ourselves inside the system more than the system standing outside of us does. Our separation from the intellectual understanding that binds us to itself with the ties of visible or invisible threads and imprisons us inside the walls can strengthen the struggle against the system and the opposition. We are talking about rejecting the present, envisioning the potentials, the state of being and what could be.

We are the ones who rebel against exploitation, domination, poverty and oppression. We rebel against the fact that the lie is true and accepting to stay in our current selves. Our discontent, rejection, and rebellion are a starting point that emerges not out of desperation, victimization, and pessimism, but out of hope and how it could be otherwise. We are actuators who think that another life, existence, and another world is possible. We are on our way to freedom, other existences and a communal world and life, which is nothing but the realization of all these potentials, by being organized with the awareness that the potentials of existence are completely possible. We know that there are people who feel like us, think and act like us. We want to feel, act, reject and rebel together. Without you, we are one more person short. We are the ones who say “Forward” for our freedom and a communal life. We act, reject, organize and rebel with the forward slogan. FORWARD for a communal world!

Another world, existence and life is possible!
FORWARD for a borderless, classless, liberated, communal world and life!
FORWARD for an emancipated life and world with our organized actions!
And remember, without you, we are one more person short!

Revolutionary Socialist Federation