STATEMENT | LGBTI+s Shake the Barricades of Fascism!


June means embracing the legacy of the Stonewall uprising all over the world, the first stone of the rebellion against cis-heterosexist patriarchy. Every year, millions of queer+’s commemorate this rebellion and not forget the oppression and exploitation they experienced, showing the patriarchy that it we are still here and continue to throw stones.

The cis-heterosexist patriarchal system, along with the construction of capitalism, built and imposed the acceptable gender and family on everyone. It assigned cis femininity and cis masculinity performances to all existences within the binary gender regime, and punished those who did not fulfill these performance duties in public and private spaces. These assignments formed the gender system and carried it to this day. Undoubtedly, the acceptable identity of the system is the proletarian man and the woman condemned to serve children and work in her home. The gender system has developed relations of oppression, violence and exploitation based on class discrimination, racism, binary gender system and anthropocentrism.

In the historical process, acceptable identities imposed on us have been created. These identities have positioned us in various places in public and private spaces. Undesired identities outside the binary gender regime have always been ignored and excluded from public and private spheres. This exclusion is based on the cis-heterosexist patriarchal capitalist system’s desire to maintain its own existence. The boundaries between these acceptability and disapproval are so sharp that they have to prove themselves to the system every day by fulfilling the role of their assigned gender.

The reproduction of each assigned gender role in the society we live in ensures the survival of the system itself. Of course, the most privileged of these performance states is the cis-heterosexual masculinity; He has always guaranteed his privileges within his own group, regardless of his title, in matters such as his class, position, profession. Contrary to its appearance, masculinity, which has privileges separate from the performance of femininity assigned in the ongoing time, has a performance that is as fragile as it seems. These performance states, which are produced every day, are also disrupted by not fulfilling the slightest homework. This duty is broken either by the failure of the appointed male person to perform adequately, by the fact that the appointed female person goes beyond the boundaries drawn for him, or by the realization of his own existence performance by a person outside the binary gender regime.

Other members of the society, namely LGBTI+s, who did not want to fulfill their role, were both ignored and exposed to exclusion. This exclusion has forced many LGBTI+ to engage in sex work, and a new field has emerged. The system, on the other hand, has included LGBTI+s who take advantage of this area and engage in sex work into the exploitation.

The ignoring of our existence is not a reflex applied for the first time in this geography. For decades, the system that ignored the existence of other peoples, especially the Kurdish people, is the same system that ignores us. The oppression and violence we have experienced is the same as the oppression and violence that has been applied to all women from the beginning, not to us for the first time. The exploitation inflicted on us is no different from the exploitation of the working class for decades. What unites us all in our geography is the system’s oppression, violence and exploitation mechanisms.

Deniz Poyraz’s murder and Hande Kader’s murder are the same. The perpetrator of the seasonal worker who was killed because he spoke Kurdish is also the same with the miners who were massacred in Soma. The authority that ignores the existence of Kurds and other peoples is the same as the authority that ignores LGBTI+s. Those who interfere with the visibility of women in public spaces and those who interfere with the visibility of LGBTI+s are the same. The system that wants to close the HDP and bans tens of Kurdish politicians from politics while shutting down previous Kurdish political parties also aims to have LGBTI+s shut down an area. These examples show that there is only one enemy, and the only way to salvation is through intersectional struggle.

Undoubtedly, in the 20th century, in the era of socialism on the rise, in the atmosphere of freedom, an awakening occurred in western societies and allowed the formation of women’s and LGBTI+ movements. Many winds of change have blown since the first stone that queers threw into the system in Stonewall, which broke out on June 28, 1969. We can never ignore the influence of the 68 generation in the throwing of the stone. As a result of the struggle against the system, considerable gains have been achieved and LGBTI+s have become more visible. In this direction, with the system’s attempt to restructure itself, it has shown that we have the power to destroy the system.

The subject of restructuring, on the other hand, despite being a new safe space or a short breath area for LGBTI+’s, has given acceptable performance roles. According to the system, now the capitalist cis patriarchy may be fulfilled by the given mass, and the segment of gays extended to more time may be targeted. The system can reconstruct itself thanks to another masculinity that re-exists today. This performance of masculinity among LGBTI+s has created other forms of producing feminophobia, bisex+phobia and trans+phobia.

In geographies like Turkey, the system continues to impose what it used to be in the west in order to create itself. We cannot ignore this system itself on the basis of the oppression and violence we see day by day. While the companies of capitalism place rainbows everywhere in the west from their logos to their products and open up space for the exploitation system, they ignore the phobia or do more in countries like Turkey. Every Pride Month, a beer company does not hesitate to put a rainbow design on its bottle in the West and market it as “beer like a man” in Turkey. Of course, the sexist attitude here not only affects LGBTI+s, but also reinforces the oppression and exploitation of women.

The oppression and exploitation we experience in our geography is based on the production of the masculinity and femininity states mentioned in the previous paragraphs. LGBTI+s continue to be ignored in public spaces. This process, which started with the prohibition of the Pride Parade in the prevailing atmosphere of oppression, has now come to the unofficial ban on wearing a rainbow-patterned accessory on the street. The existence of LGBTI+’s, which has been ignored for years, is being totally ignored and tried to be suppressed today. Although our states of existence have emerged with the beginning of human history, they have been externalized by accusing them of being non-national and calling it the imposition of the west. These discourses are of course supported by nationalism, which is the official ideology of capitalism.

In this period when we become visible again through the Boğaziçi Resistance and the Istanbul Convention, the system is trying to break our place in the social opposition by isolating us from the society. It has also tried to create this situation by targeting the rainbow flag that was opened in the Bosphorus Resistance in the last period and through the discourses of the Istanbul Convention on the grounds that it “legitimizes homosexuality”. The only way of salvation for a world where our LGBTI+ identities can live without being subjected to oppression and discrimination is to organize against all aspects of the system.

In the 2021 Pride Marches, despite all the prohibitions, we walked arm in arm against fascism with our queerness, womanhood, Kurdishness, Alawism, workmanship, in short, with all our identities and wills, and we will continue to walk! We have demolished and will continue to break down the barricades against cis-heterosexist patriarchy and fascism that ban the rainbow and want to keep us off our streets!

No force can erase our states of existence, long live our intersectional struggle!

Long live the Queer struggle!

The fire of LGBTI+s will burn the capital!

REVOLT AGAINST patriarchy, the male state, sexism and the binary gender system!


REVOLT AGAINST, against class, sexual and national discrimination!

Socialist Queer Movement